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You're Gonna Die

A few months ago, I came across a series of vlogs and short films by a very successful entrepreneur called Gary Vaynerchuck aka Gary Vee.  This man has apparently traded and turned over more than a trillion dollars in his lifetime.  He has invested in things like Uber and Twitter, is a professional keynote speaker and author of several top-selling books about entrepreneurship.  His video series is basically his friend David Rock following him around all day and then chopping the footage down to around ten minutes and more than anything, it gives the viewer an idea of just how hard Gary works.

I came across a short 30 second video of his a little while ago (watch below) where a woman comes up to him as he sits in the back of his car in traffic in NYC and asks him for just 3 words that he could offer her for those days when she can't find motivation.  After just a moment of thought, he says you're gonna die.  The woman immediately gasps while trying to process how that could be motivational before quickly realising what Gary meant.

The thing I found most interesting about her response was the gasp.  It seems that human beings are terrified to even think about death, to the point where it is genuinely shocking to most people when brought up in daily conversation.  Of course, this is totally understandable to a certain level.  But I think that level could do with being brought down a notch or two.

Most of the time this sentiment isn't going to be particularly useful to many.  However, I feel that to some it could be extremely important.  Time goes by at an alarming rate.  As discussed in a previous vlog (here), we adapt to the passage of time, relative to how much time we have spent on earth so far.  So as time goes by, ultimately we gradually accept the feeling of time moving quicker and quicker without necessarily changing our behaviour; like the need for immediacy, taking action to resolve an issue or just making a tough decision in certain parts of our lives.

So rather than viewing death as a taboo, how can you talk about that type of topic, I am going to seek out more opportunities to positively utilise its inevitability.

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