Thoughts on life by Tim West.

Why risk it?

I'm going to begin with my answer this time.  To be able to look back on life and see that it was one worth living, we don't have a choice but to take a risk now and then.

Given that risk is defined as the possibility of loss or injury, life at all ages and stages holds an intrinsic risk.  We live in a society governed by people who share predominantly negative news in order to keep people afraid.  They want us to kindly refrain from making any loud noises while we accept and get used to the 6 squares that make up the circumstances we are in.  So to a significant level, we experience a stream of information on a daily basis specifically designed to keep us afraid and averse to risk.

Opportunity dances with those on the dance floor.  As someone who possesses about as much rhythm as something falling down the stairs, I found this quote very relevant.  At our core, before we had the awareness to become reprogrammed into the system, we knew that to learn and grow as human beings, risk was just a part of the process.  Take little Henry up there as an example.  He's about to fall on his ass.  Then he's about to get back up and try again.  The lesson that Henry taught me was that on so many levels, being unduly afraid and averse to risk will significantly stunt your growth.

On a side note, I have added a new section to My Work called Family & Lifestyle.  The word lifestyle is important to me because I like to capture real life, as much as possible, rather than pre-arranged versions of people.  You can have a look here. 

Opportunity dances with those on the dance floor
— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
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