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Where'd the time go?

Life is long.  Until you're old enough to realise.  Sooner or later you may find yourself asking, where'd the time go?

This question is one that many of us are not very comfortable with.  We may even employ distractions to prevent ourselves from having to answer it and I think that for a while, that's fine.  But at some point we have to get real with ourselves.  Maybe a bit more sense can be made of this time thing when we put in into context.

I watched a School of Life video recently on the topic of time scales and the basis was this; how we understand and justify time investment is proportional to how much time we have spent ourselves so far.  For example, I'm 27.  I left school at 16, so I've been a 'real person' making my own life decisions for 11 years.  My MFA course lasted 2 years.  At the time of applying to it I remember thinking, hmm 2 years...that's a while.  That's because 2 years ago, a 2 year time investment was equivalent to 22% of my real person life so far.  That's almost a quarter.  Fast forward to me at my parent's age, 60 and after this amount of real person life, a 2 year time investment makes up only 4.5%.  Suddenly, it seems like a much more justifiable investment.

So where'd the time go?  Wherever we choose to put it.  Just remember that if a time-based decision seems a little bit daunting now, try thinking a bit more long term.  




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