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The light

They say there's light at the end of the tunnel... that something has been brought to light.  Something can be seen in a new light.  That sounds fine but what should we do when it's dark, when the skies are foreboding and the forecast looks all too predictably unsure?

Thinking specifically within the professional-creative realm (but it is applicable to most endeavours) there are universally familiar issues that we come up against every so often.  I've spent years refining my creative skills in a field I am passionate about to the point where I can make a living from it.  That has always been my dream.  The reason that we feel passionate about our thing is because for one or more of a multitude of reasons we get a kick out of it.  In the beginning, we intuitively march at pace towards the realisation of our ideas and somehow end up with one or two unique creations all of our own doing.  And it feels wonderful. 

Things change significantly however when we have to try and replicate this process with someone else's vision in mind.  There are company guidelines, time pressure, spacial restrictions and other people's ideas to consider.  Like anything, with practice we can learn how to deal with these things but sometimes the feeling of having to compromise our creativity can make us question our integrity.  During the week, I spent a morning in York and with absolutely no prior planning, wandered around the city, intuitively capturing whatever caught my eye.  And it felt wonderful.  I had accidentally went back to the beginning.

So the light, for me at least, is to return to a space where I can remember and relive the experience that got me into making photographs in the first place.  Because it's a reason to explore, to get lost, to meet new people, to walk into dark alleyways.  And because it's fun.



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