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Shades of Spring

If the essence of someone can be attained through a binary-like system of yes and no answers to given questions, I would consider that to be a black & white picture of that person.  But can this ever really give us a true and deep understanding of a person?

In the spirit of spring, I've broken my established system of black & white blog imagery.  I've been considering the role of colour in photography a lot recently and concluded that sometimes colour is an integral element of a photograph's composition.  The image above is one such example.  You would get the essence of it through a black & white version but there would be some integral elements missing.  The warmth of the evening light, the energy represented by the red tights as they are given due contrast by the black of the trampoline and indeed the complimentary colour pallette within the photograph more generally.

I feel this is something worth considering in our daily interactions with others.  A lot of the time the basic truth about a person or situation can be fairly represented in black & white.  But there are other times, when we go beyond the yes and no, we realise that we are all made up of a lot of different shades of a lot of different colours.  To be realistic about it, we probably don't always have time to delve into the full colour spectrum in our brief conversation with Kyle, our buddy from the coffee shop.  But just remember as we enjoy the beauty and colour of spring that between that 0 and 1, there could be hiding a whole rainbow.

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