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I watched a video recently on the subject of portraiture that got me thinking; to what extent do we hide behind the self-manufactured version of ourselves that we project out to the world?

Portraiture, including self-portraiture is a very tricky business.  I've been trying to make a self-portrait since November and it's still evading me.  A good portrait is an act of trickery devised by the photographer to eek out the real person that's hiding behind their projection.  And trying to trick yourself is particularly difficult because well, you tend to know yourself pretty well.

At its essence a portrait is a portrayal of someone's character.  A great actor portrays the part of their character so that we believe them to be that character.  A good portrait photographer finds a way to see past the actor in us and reveal for at least a split second, the real character operating the projector.  

Watch this excellent video below by Sean Tucker for some further insight.

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