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Lessons in partnership

This time last year I was returning home from a job in Ghana.  Since then, I have looked at a lot of things a little differently.

Methodist World Development & Relief (MWDR) works in partnership with communities around the developing world, especially across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  They form partnerships with people.  What do they know about the practicalities of farming on the south coast of Ghana?  Very little.  So they partner with local people who do know and enable them to do what they need to make the most from what they have.  They learn alongside their partners and both grow stronger together, learning from each other.  

I can't say enough good things about MWDR and the partners they work with.  Rather than tell you the specifics of their projects that can be found on their website here, I wanted to share with you some more general lessons I learned from this particular trip.  (I do not profess to be living by any or all of these statements but i'm certainly working on implementing some of them).

  • Hard work is a frame of mind
  • We are incredibly distracted most of the time
  • Those with more want more; those with less give more
  • Collaboration is critical
  • No matter how negative the news may be, know that there are good people everywhere
  • Most people rarely practice what they preach
  • The strength of the human spirit is incredible
  • Metaphors are an amazing tool
  • Globally, motorbikes are almost always the best way to get around
  • Adaptable people will succeed

This day week, I am running the Belfast City Marathon, to raise money for MWDR.  If you feel like supporting their work by sponsoring me, you can do so by clicking this link.

See my work from Ghana here.

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