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Lean into it

As any drifter, longboarder or motocross rider will tell you, sometimes you have to break traction in order to keep momentum.  

I ran through some really muddy woods this morning and found that the more I tried avoiding the muck, the slower and more frustrated I became.  I soon realised that for the most part, it's easier to just plough straight through.  To just lean into it.

This made me think of an experience I had a few weeks ago, when a friend who must be equal parts crazy and kind, invited me for a spin on his 'crosser (cool rider slang for motocross bike).  Riding a crosser in the wild has been an ambition of mine for a long time.  And it was incredibly good fun.

However, being used to road-riding, I found the technique to stay upright while getting around a corner is pretty much the opposite to what I am used to.  You'll feel the back come around, said my crazy and kind acquaintance but just go with'll see what I mean.

Needless to say, I'm currently deciding which organs I like least to be able to buy my own and a nice big field to play in.  A little later that day, as I walked around the extensive off-road track I started thinking about how many times we have to start a journey without seeing the whole path.  And how likely it is that we will build momentum in our new direction, if we just lean into it. 

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