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Just not feeling it

The first video that popped up on my youtube feed today was the answer to the exact question I'd been asking today.  How to create when you're just not 'feeling it'. 

Over the past few years, Youtube has absolutely replaced TV for me, in terms of value of content.  It's a bit like flicking through TV channels for a long time and eventually finding something good to watch; youtube takes some digging (and ignoring cat videos) but some of the channels I've found are more relevant and useful than anything I've ever found on TV.  Sean Tucker is one of the absolute best.

The nature of this blog post is quite ironic; I'm letting someone else explain what to do when you're not feeling it because well, i'm not really feeling it.  But it made me realise an important point.  The way we work as artists of any sort poses very different challenges to any other sort of work.  And a big part of the journey, for me, is in maturing as a creator and really being ok with the different challenges that this sort of work poses.  I have a long way to go.  People like Sean Tucker are streets ahead of me in their maturity with regard to being an artist and I feel so privileged to be able to take on board his advice and guidance as well as grateful that he takes the time to share his honest opinion with the world.

Cheers Sean.

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