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I Hope

'Artistic' frustration.  It's a thing.  I'm very slowly but surely working on a solution.

There are times when it isn't possible to do what you feel you need to do.  For nearly all of my life, the result of this situation would have been, nothing.  If I could not achieve what I had envisioned then that's a fail.  So I would just wait for the next opportunity and try again.  I don't think it needs to be that way anymore.

The image above was made during an evening where I was bound by the responsibility of watching over a sleeping little person.  So I couldn't go out and explore the wonderful things that the sky was doing.  I opened up the upstairs window as far as it would go and fired off this shot; more so just to satisfy my picture making craving.  It was destined to be one of the thousands that wind up in a folder, never to be seen by anyone else.

That's when someone a lot smarter than me pointed out that the rays of light in this image made them feel hopeful... Hopeful.  Which made me feel hopeful that there probably is a solution to getting frustrated by circumstances.  For me, maybe it is to appreciate the value that exists in what I can do, particularly when I have no choice, rather than the negative associations of feeling frustrated by not doing what your mind imagined could have been.  Which, of course, it may never have been at all anyway. 

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