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Goin' slow


Do you ever move into the overtaking lane on the motorway to pass someone and before you know it you're unwilling to drop below 85 because, well that'd be going backwards?

I do.  I never begin with that intention but it just happens.  Ironically enough, I failed to find time to write last week because I was really busy.  I couldn't slow down long enough to be in the place I need to be to think clearly, nevermind write.  On Monday, I ran the Belfast City Marathon and of all the things required to run a marathon, I found pacing myself to be the hardest part.  In training, I just couldn't run the first couple of miles slow enough.  In thinking about the relationship between going fast and taking it slow, the famous Steve McQueen quote seemed very relevant to me:  Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.

For me, this is pretty much the perfect description of a racer's mentality and one to which I can relate; racing spills across into everything.  If I'm pushing a trolley around a supermarket, I'm probably taking the racing line around the bottom of each aisle.  Like a lot of people, I always want to go faster.  Then when I get to that speed, I want to go even faster again.  I think this is one of the key reasons why I take so much satisfaction from landscape photography.  It forces me to slow down, stop and actually look at things.  For all the times I've breezed past something that I could have paused to appreciate, I feel like the speed scales tip a little more towards even by stopping and taking the time to investigate the landscape with my camera.

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