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Everyday magic

The power of photography never fails to amaze me.  I made this picture of my friends kid recently and when she reposted it on instagram, the caption written below made me appreciate how visual language can be so amazing;

Erin is currently totally absorbed with Harry Potter and we love this picture so much by our friend Tim. She's been looking at it all day and I love how it's helping us to help her understand that real life can look like and be as full of magic as make believe.

A friend once described himself as an eternal student of photography.  I liked the sentiment as it has a lot of truth to it.  Like any art form, for those who practice it there is always more to do, to learn, to experiment with, to practice, to read, to write, to share.  There is no there.  Arriving isn't an option.  Just to keep travelling forward.  This is one of the things I love most about photography; it is a never ending learning experience.  And similarly it seems that the potential for learning from the images we make is just as limitless.

Photography connects hundreds of millions of people everyday via social media platforms.  We can use images to learn more about more people's lives in less time than ever before.  (It might also mean you're sitting with your head down for an entire train journey but this is a topic for another time!)  We use photographs to preserve memories, mark special occasions, promote our businesses, to capture beauty, to express ourselves, to break down language barriers, to document history and sometimes to change the whole world for the better.  I'm off to make some more pictures now.


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