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Being delighted

I currently have the privilege of spending lots of quality time with my 2 year old niece Evie, during which she makes me question a lot of the simple things.  When was the last time you felt delighted?  

For me the last time I came close was on a recent, brisk b-road motorcycle ride, having linked together 3 or 4 tricky apex's in a row before exiting the last corner just inside the power band and blasting off onto the straight.  At the time, in my minds eye this piece of riding excellence put me alongside the premiere biking greats but in reality I probably barely broke the speed limit.  I was kidding myself.

For Evie, hide and seek does the trick.  And the 'hide' element is a loosely used term.  She closes her eyes tightly and freezes while I walk around 'looking' for her.  "Is she out in the garden?  Is she inside the washing machine?"  All the while she will be stood about 5 feet away in the corner of the kitchen squealing with delight until I eventually go over and 'find' her.

It seems that at some point the criteria for delight shifted drastically.  The common denominator in our respective situations however is that we kid ourselves.  Evie knows I can see her.  That isn't the point of the game though.  She kids herself that she is doing an excellent job of hiding and gets a real kick out of me playing along.  On my ride, I was playing along with my own imagination.  And it felt great.  To quote Jez's question to Mark from channel 4's Peep Show: "Must you live quite so relentlessly in the real world?"  Most of the time yes, we must but I'm going to seek out more opportunities to be delighted.

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