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Allied or Alienated?

We often hear how the facebook generation are the best connected yet most isolated generation yet.  One recent study found that millennials are statistically lonelier than the elderly.  Are we allied or alienated?

Last week, I wrote about how one of my favourite photographer/ filmmakers had released a timely video on creative block that helped me a lot as well as make me question a few things.  As chance would have it, I met him yesterday in London for a chat and a pint.

Beyond the obvious brilliance of this occasion was the opportunity to just vent; spew like a broken water mains as much technical photographer jargon as I liked at Sean and the other 10 or so photographers who had gathered.  I really didn't realise how much I was missing that.

Photography & filmmaking in particular are topics that are well catered for online.  We can find endless articles, videos, tutorials and information and as someone who is about one third in and two thirds out of the facebook generation, I can see that I rely a bit too much on my digital alliances but I know it's not even close to the extent of others.

The world is changing fast and that's fine with me but it's very easy to become alienated in the dark arts of f-stops and chromatic aberrations, so if this sounds like you, maybe try and find another human who is just like you and start talking.  Move your arms around as you talk, get excited, get mad, let it all out.  Then get back on instagram.  

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